Appreciate the Rolex GMT-MASTER II watches

2When we talked about swiss replica rolex at ordinary times, the most easily to overlook is it dial plate. But rolex has four factories at present and one of them is dial plate factory, obviously, we can know the dial plate how important for rolex wristwatches. The dial plate located in Geneva state Chêne-Bourg, of course, this factory not only produces the dial plate, is also related to the development and production of the relevant issues with jewelry and diamond. according to the different with the materials of watchcase, the materials of dial plate is made with brass, gold, platinum, Nacre and falling stone.

Although the ordinary black dial plate of this GMTII just use the brass material, but also need a total of about 60 working procedure, use PVD to color or painting, both of these operation was done in the clean room. The clean room has stringent clean conditions which surpass the operating theatre. It is because of the harsh process, so we will see the dial paint of rolex will present a close to the simple sense of enamel dial.

After finishing the subject fabrication of the dial plate, the next is assembling the other elements. There are three mainly elements of dial plate: Logo, inscriptions and scale. Say the logo first; the craftsmanship of Rolex watches mainly has two types. Respectively are transfers printing and the Mosaic, all of the inlaid logo adopting precious metal and slightly bigger. Just the people often mentioned “crown”.

Although this “big gold crown”is famous, however, not all of the watches suitable to match with it. Just like this type of GMTII Swiss Rolex Copies adopt the handmade transfer method. Although the logo is printed on. But it’s has three dimensional and oncave-convex feeling. If observed under the small mirror this feeling more obvious. And the texture is not less than that “big gold crown”.

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